Released 12 years ago, Windows XP has finally reached the end of the line and support for it will cease to exist beginning April 8th 2014. What does this mean to you ?
Well…you may take some comfort in knowing that your XP machine isn’t simply going to stop working come April 8th, but if you want a PC that is going to remain stable, compatible with modern software and protected from security holes and threats, then the fact is you are going have to upgrade to something newer. Additionally, If you do not change over to either Windows 7/8 Pro, you will also not be supported by any banking or financial institutions, and if you’re in Health Care, you will be out of HIPAA compliancy.

Also headed to the scrap heap are Microsoft Office 2003 (also end of life April 8th) and later on July 14th, 2015 Windows Server 2003 will bite the bullet.

Many business users already run with PC’s and Laptops on Windows 7/8 Pro, but if your business is one that still has XP machines in daily use then NOW is the time to act. Staying with Windows XP beyond its end of support date represents a great risk that will only grow the longer you keep the machines in service.

Things to consider about Windows XP

Older PCs running Windows XP experience 40% more downtime than PCs running Windows 7/8 Pro.

Older PCs have almost double the number of “incidents”, each lasting between 2-8 hours.

Older PCs cost 1.5 – 2X more to maintain than newer PCs.

The limitations to XP and its further lack of updates means the floodgates will be open for viruses and malware to easily affect older machines.

Windows 7/8 with the newest version of IE + its built-in security essentials contracts 90% fewer virus incidents compared to older XP based machines.

Technical Adventures is fully prepared to support your migration and upgrades from Windows XP for both existing and new customers over the run up to and beyond April 8th, so if your business needs to move on to a new Operating System then contact us to avoid any delay or last minute panic.

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Technology Advisor Danny Soares wrote this up and he is available to answer any questions. Call 908-240-4616 to get help with replacing XP machines.

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