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As your technology partner, Technical Adventures will be there to upgrade your infrastructure, maintain your systems, implement cost-effective solutions, protect your company from cybersecurity threats and provide training and tech support to help you and your team make the most of your technology investment.


Who We Are

Managed Services Provider

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we monitor your systems, take action when issues arise and prevent failures whenever possible. This model allows small businesses and nonprofit organizations to receive the same level of support as a large corporation with a 24/7 in-house IT staff.

Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we can migrate your email to Microsoft 365 and help you implement and fully utilize Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork — one solution for messaging, meetings, calling capabilities and native integration with familiar Microsoft 365 applications.

Cloud Solutions Provider

With our expertise in implementing cloud solutions, we can help your business benefit from the many advantages of cloud computing including increased collaboration, data security, disaster recovery, mobility, flexibility, automatic software updates and cost savings.

VoIP Phone Solution Provider

With a VoIP phone system, you can enjoy increased accessibility, complete portability, higher scalability and lower costs. Our team will review your needs and design a custom solution to expand your capabilities and implement advanced features for your team.


Our Partners


Learn About Technical Adventures

In Technical Adventures we have found a true partner to help us with scaling our business, preparing for mergers and acquisitions, and dealing with day-to-day issues as they arise.


The team at Technical Adventures helped me avoid a scam which could have buried my business. Investing in monitoring and maintenance for cybersecurity is the best decision I have ever made.


Our in-house IT staff is freed up to do their assigned work while the Technical Adventures team is taking care of some higher-level projects. This is a win-win for us!


“Roberto deserves recognition”

He was professional, courteous, prompt. He asked specific questions about my set up and listened to me when I wanted to explain something (even if he already knew!) He made sure that programs were working before moving on and confirmed with me that they were set up the way that I wanted them. Too many times people make the effort to complain about services rendered – we felt that the highest praise should be offered at this time. Please pass this along to Roberto.

“Today was a very proactive day. “

Technical Adventures had 2 engineers arrive at 9:30AM and worked until 3PM. These 2 professionals did a terrific job!

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