Why Managed Services with Technical Adventures?

Proactive Partners

“Managed services” in the IT world simply means that we take over the active administration of your IT infrastructure. We handle direct support of your employees, solving their day-to-day issues, ensure protection of your business-critical data and take over designing, expanding and securing your network. We utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques to give your business the same advantages enjoyed by the largest global conglomerates. We are not just another vendor. We are a proactive partner in making your business a success. From communication and collaboration to physical and digital security, we take care of it all. Whether you want to completely outsource your IT management or simply supplement  your existing team, we can help. Embracing Technical Adventures as your technology partner is the best way to control and maximize the impact of your IT budget.     

Peace of Mind

Once you have Technical Adventures on your team, rest assured that we will immediately and continually work to make sure that your business is secure against the most common and damaging cyber-attacks.  We will confirm your critical digital data is backed up and available onsite and/or remotely. We will design (or review) your data recovery process to ensure it is both fast and complete. But we will not stop there. We will create (or review) your business continuity plan to guarantee your business can continue to function after any unforeseen circumstance. We have kept our customers running through everything from hurricanes to zero-day exploits. Our mission is your peace of mind.

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Regulatory Excellence

At Technical Adventures, we have decades of experience in multiple industries from the financial to the legal to healthcare and logistics. Our managed services team will ensure that every device, service and program running in your IT environment meets or exceeds your industry’s regulatory standards. Our team will also catalog and maintain documentation of your network to keep your business 100% compliant and audit ready. You will never be left alone at the mercy of auditors with us. We will be right there with you fielding any questions and immediately addressing any concerns. You can rest easy, we will take care of everything.

Business Guidance

Technology touches every part of your business, and it helps to have a guide  who knows the pitfalls to avoid, shortcuts to take advantage of and tricks to protect yourself. replica patek philippe nautilus automatic diamondsSomeone on your team that knows the territory. Technical Adventures is your guide to technology. We have the experience and expertise to not only solve problems but prevent them before they occur! Once our managed services are in place, our technicians will support you and your team, monitor your network 24/7/365 to keep it running smoothly as well as introduce new tools to make your business more productive and your staff focused on what makes your business profitable. We make technology work for you, the way you want it to.

Swift and Straightforward

Getting started with our managed services is as swift and straightforward as picking up the phone. Whether you are a new business hiring an IT company for the first time, an established company migrating from another managed services provider or a CIO looking to integrate the Technical Adventures team into your department’s strategy, we make it simple and painless. Once we introduce ourselves, we will address any immediate concerns or issues you have, talk about your goals and budget, perform a free, comprehensive technology review and deliver a no-obligation migration plan to begin your managed services relationship with us. It is that easy.

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Smooth and Stable

Moving your existing business network to a new IT service provider can be a daunting thought. Our new clients sometimes express concern about migrating their services to us; frequently due to a poor experience in the past with another company. Rest assured that with Technical Adventures, you have on your team professional migration specialists with decades of experience not only transferring clients to our services, but moving clients between platforms, providers and physical locations. Whether we are migrating a dozen employees or a dozen departments, we will create an exhaustive migration plan that accounts for every possible variable to guarantee a smooth, stable and successful transition. Our commitment to you when you bring us on board is to make the process as quick, seamless and undemanding as we can. Call us at (908-240-4616) today to get started!


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