Why a VoIP Phone Solution with Technical Adventures?

Cohesive Communication

Business communications have advanced dramatically in just the past five years. Today’s modern businesses communicate not only though phone calls and emails but also through text messaging, chat, video conferencing, document collaboration, digital signatures and social media. This has given rise to many different technologies to support these communications. Often, this requires a dozen different accounts, services and applications for a business to manage. At Technical Adventures, we understand the need for a cohesive communication strategy to take full advantage of these technologies while avoiding duplicate costs, platform frustration and feature overwhelm. We are communication specialists that can enhance your business technology to keep you connected with both your team and your clients, on your terms. One of the most critical tools we use is to accomplish this is the VoIP phone system.       

Quality and Reliability

Most business owners today have heard of VoIP, if not invested in it already, and for good reason. The benefits of a VoIP phone system over a legacy phone system are almost too numerous to list. However, not all VoIP phone systems are created equal. Quality and reliability are the two most important criteria when deciding what system to trust with your business communication, but certainly not the only ones. Ongoing cost, initial investment, hardware upgrade cycle, feature set, management cost, customer service, satisfaction rating and required contract commitment cannot be ignored either. With a business-class VoIP phone system through Technical Adventures, you will get the very best quality communication system available. We will provide, install and upgrade all the phones, train you and your team on every feature, save you money on your phone bill and do it all with absolutely no contract commitment.  

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Flexibility and Scalability

With your VoIP communication system through us, it is easy to scale up. As your business grows, your system grows with you. Adding new phones, extensions and users is a matter of a few clicks in your online management portal, or just call us and we will take care of it. Customer service for our VoIP solution has some of the highest satisfaction ratings in the industry. The flexibility of your VoIP communication system through Technical Adventures is unparalleled; remote workers, multiple offices, franchises, even international locations are not only possible, but simple to implement and manage. Your VoIP phone system is also an important part of your business continuity plan. The ability to unplug your phone at your office, plug it in at a secondary location and still receive all your business calls is as flexible as it gets. This flexibility is important for more than ease of use but also for your peace of mind. Our focus is always on keeping your business available so that you never miss out on an opportunity.

Exceptional Features

The Technical Adventures VoIP business communication system includes every key feature other VoIP systems offer and so much more: Proprietary hardware with centralized device management, full warranty with free upgrades every 36 months, Bluetooth integration, Wi-Fi, enterprise-grade call routing, a fully programmable auto attendant, call queues, HD audio, intercom, call logs and analytics, speech to text visual voicemail, cloud extensions, conferencing, you name it. Along with advanced features like virtual faxing (send and receive), full call center functionality, SMS/MMS messaging through your main business number, call recording, mobile device app, desktop app, browser extensions and Office plugins, you will not find a more full-featured business communication suite anywhere. We have yet to find a business process that cannot be enhanced by utilizing the features of our system. Without a doubt, our system can enhance your business processes as well.

Add Value, Not Stress

When you bring us on board as your business communication solutions provider, you will have a partner that is entirely committed to making your new system work for you exactly the way you want it to. We will train you and your team on every aspect of your new system’s cutting edge hardware, the mobile and desktop apps as well as the online portal. Our team has trained businesses all over the country on our system and they know exactly how to make every feature quick and easy to understand. In a very short time you will be a pro. Getting started is easy, just call us at 908-240-4616 and rest assured, high pressure sales are not our style. We only want to add value, not stress. When you call we will ask a couple of questions about your current set-up and communication goals, demonstrate the power of our system and provide an absolutely no-obligation quote. If you like what you see, we get to work!  ​


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