Elevate Your Office 365 for Business Deployment with Technical Adventures

Familiarity and Integration

At Technical Adventures, we recommend Microsoft Office 365 for Business. There is not another product offering as comprehensive, powerful or with higher value for the money. The familiarity of Microsoft’s Office application suite, combined with a fully integrated communication and collaboration ecosystem backed by Microsoft’s world class cloud infrastructure, makes for a product without equal in the tech space. For those of you who have not already invested in it, you should reconsider. We have yet to come across a business environment that cannot be elevated in some way by embracing this amazing suite of tools and services. Here at Technical Adventures, our technicians are experts in every aspect of the Office 365 offering. We have taken many businesses to the next level of productivity and profitability with Microsoft’s 365 services, and we can do the same for you. Give us a call at 908-240-4616 and let us show you how!

Implementation and Migration

Whether you are migrating to Office 365 for Business or are under-utilizing a current Office 365 profile, Technical Adventures can help. Our team of technicians are both implementation and migration specialists. Regardless of the level of complexity, we have yet to see a scenario where we could not add value. We will craft and implement the most cost-effective licensing solution based on your situation, use innovative technology to migrate or populate your data, provide any necessary end-user training, assist your internal team to manage your profile and ensure that you are taking full advantage of every feature that Office 365 for Business can offer. Our initial review is quick and absolutely free so there is no reason not to give us a call at 908-240-4616 and if you approve of our comprehensive implementation or migration plan, we will get started right away!

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Compliance and Certification

If you are in a business that must grapple with governmental or industry compliance concerns such as SOC, HIPAA, PCI, ISO and the like, Microsoft 365 is a no-brainer. Many of the most arduous requirements today have to do with digital identity authentication, data transfer and storage security including access auditing. Fortunately for you, Microsoft Office 365 for Business is built from the ground up to meet or exceed these requirements; but only if your business profile is configured correctly and is utilized with the best practices in place! This is where Technical Adventures can help. We will ensure your new or existing Office 365 for Business services are all maximized, in compliance and providing your team and business with every advantage available. When compliance audits or new certification requirements come around, you will no longer have to worry, and you can focus on what you do best!

Innovative Cyber Security

In the current digital business environment, cyber security is an ongoing concern — not only to protect your own internal business data but also your customers’ personal data. Increasingly, people are becoming savvier about what they share and who they share it with. As the marketplace develops more awareness around digital security, the demands for businesses to provide assurances around it will only increase. Fortunately, a properly configured Microsoft Office 365 Security profile can provide these assurances. With your entire digital communication and collaboration suite through Office 365, innovative cyber security has been built into every level of your digital environment. Enterprise grade encryption, anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-malware, multi-factor authentication, access and identity control, logging, and auditing along with the best penetration alerting, prevention and recovery in the industry all work together to provide a completely holistic and potent defense for your entire enterprise. When you call Technical Adventures, we will set up or assess your current configuration of all the cyber security features that Office 365 for Business offers to ensure that you and your business are benefiting fully from all of them. We will also ensure that all the best cyber security practices right here and training are in place for every member of your team. Call us anytime at 908-240-4616 and we will provide the peace of mind and confidence you need to know your private and proprietary assets are secure and reassure your customers that their data is safe with you!

Proficient and Professional

At Technical Adventures, we are committed to your success. No matter how you decide to use us, whether you outsource your entire IT burden to us or use us to assist your existing internal IT team, we will work to add value in every way possible. Our team includes the most proficient and professional IT engineers in the business. Regardless of your IT environment, your goals, or your budget, we know we can be a benefit to you and your team. Saving your business money on your IT overhead, simplifying your business processes by introducing innovative technology or taking on your entire IT infrastructure and support to free you up to generate more business, we can help. Call us at 908-240-4616 and ask us how!

By partnering with us to manage these migrations, you can elevate the way your business runs every single day. Contact us to get a custom-built package for your monthly business needs.