Office 365 is a product that you should be leveraging in your business. Period. It offers so much value for small businesses in terms of collaboration, communication and productivity, and at such a low cost, that it should be a no-brainer for any of our clients. This has been true since O365 was launched, but Microsoft just continues to raise the bar! They have increased the storage space for OneDrive for Business O365 users to be unlimited! Unlimited cloud storage! For those of you who don’t know what Office 365 is, here is a short explanation:

Office 365 is a package of Microsoft’s software and services, offered from the cloud, that are designed to help you easily stay in touch with those people you most care about, collaborate with those you need to get things done with, protect you from time-wasting spam email, stay on top of the information that matters most, and manage your time more effectively. We like to think of it as the ultimate productivity and IT management suite, allowing you and your business to easily leverage the power of the cloud to increase productivity and profit. It’s about giving you and your people the tools to communicate and collaborate with who they want, when they want, where they want, and in the way they want.


Office 365
Here is a quick breakdown of only some of what is included:
* Cloud-based email up to 50 GB of storage for each user
* Contact and Calendar Sharing
* Sharepoint Sites for team collaboration
* Instant Messaging, video and voice conferencing
* Office Online with document editing capabilities
* Antivirus and anti-spam filtering for email
* Unlimited OneDrive for Business cloud storage
* Up to five installs of Office 2013 onto your different devices – always updated! Never buy Office again!

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