Many times clients ask me, “Donnie, how can I keep my business phone number when I move?” Well, I have good news! This is actually really easy to do.

In the old days, if you moved your business out of the area, it was not possible to take the phone number with you. The best option business owners had was to have the recorded message in the operator’s voice come on to say, “The phone number you have reached has been changed to…”

Today we have much better options. With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), not only can you keep the phone number, you can have it ring to you wherever you go. Does it work for cell phone numbers? Yes! Does it work if the phone system doesn’t? Yes! Can you keep the number even if you move out of state? Yes!

It is so nice to be able to help business owners downsize their cost while upgrading their features. There are many situations we have been able to help with, for example:

– Barry started his business out of his home with his cell phone. The business has grown and now he has a team he wants customers to call even though he does not yet have an office. No problem, we just made the cell number the main company number. Calls are routed to whoever is available. Barry got a new cell phone and he can take calls on it when he wants to without giving out the cell number. Barry’s wife is happy he is not always on the phone.

– Tom’s business has changed over the years. With all the technological advances, he no longer needs an office and multiple phone lines. He set up a home office with a VoIP phone and purchased a second phone for his part time secretary, Jane, who works from her house. We set it up so all numbers ring to this one phone that can be answered by Tom or Jane. They can transfer calls to each other as needed, and customers do not need to know they are not working in the same space.

– Tami has taken her business on the road. She has always wanted to travel, and since most of her business is done by phone and internet, she does not need to stay in one place. Tami’s graphic design clients know she is only available during “office hours” and if they call when she is not working, voicemail messages are recorded and sent to Tami via email. She picks up the messages on her cell phone and calls clients back according to her work schedule. Some clients know that Tami is out gallivanting around the country and others assume she is still working out of the same space she was years ago.

As long as you own the number (you have not yet let it go or canceled the account), and your phone bills have been paid, your number can be moved to VoIP services. Call me if you have any questions: 908-240-4616.