Ask yourself this question…

How many of your employees are self-taught on the basics of MS Office applications? I’m talking about MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint and MS Windows.

No surprises here. Most of us learn when a new task requires that we figure it out. Most of us learn by trial and error. Mail merge? Sales report? Financial reports? Download all your contacts from MS Outlook to your new email marketing service? Pivot tables? New sales presentation?

Now ask yourself this question…

How much time would you or your staff save if you received expert instructor-led training on just one of these daily applications/tools? Will your productivity increase? Would your stress decrease? Indubitably. 

This is why I am asking…

Employee Training Offered at Our Site or Yours

Employee TrainingThe Industry-Business Institute at Union County College can train your employees (and yourself) on ALL of these programs through workshops brought to your facility, on your schedule, at no charge. We provide this employee training service to businesses in the area AT NO CHARGE through a grant-funded program. Yes, it is the best kept secret of the county…but not anymore. We’ve trained over 7,000 in the last few years.

If you have fifteen employees to train, we can come to you. AND, we bring our laptops (up to 17 of them) to your premises if required, at no charge. If you have fewer than fifteen (15), you can partner with another company to host a class for employees from both. We also offer these same free programs at our campuses in Cranford and Elizabeth on a monthly basis. Your employees can enroll in one at a time.

All workshops are eight (8) hours long, can be booked for on premise classes for a single day or two half days depending on your requirements. Here is a link to follow to learn more – click on Ongoing Grant Funded Training.

Nancy Burke UCCI am always available to answer your questions, at 908-527-7207 or

Best always,

Nancy Burke
The Industry-Business Institute at Union County College

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Thanks Nancy for being a guest blogger and for providing such an amazing resource for businesses in our community.