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What is VOIP, and how do I know to select the best option for my business? We are asked this a lot. The most important first is definition of terms. VOIP is Voice over IP protocol, which simply means the phones now are configured as network devices or computerized systems connected via the local network and/or the internet.

  • VOIP system is defined at the phone system and handsets or phones.
  • VOIP service is referred to as the new telco service, which is the traditional copper lines, T1, FIOS or cable telephone service.
  • On Prem – means a system setup onsite and reliant on local office/building power and internet service.
  • Cloud – means any product or service provided offsite via multiple redundant location services. These can also be virtual configurations so as not to be dependent upon any set of hardware or software configurations. It is also assumed although not guaranteed to be secured.
  • VOIP solution is defined as the VOIP system and VOIP service integrated together into a complete solution.
  • This is what we excel at defining and providing the best complete VOIP solution for businesses.

New Jersey VOIP is not required for every business. However, the majority of the businesses today (95% or more) would greatly benefit for a properly configured and installed complete VOIP solution! Not sure which solution is right for your business? No problem, email or contact us.

Our team will schedule a meeting with you to review your business needs and prepare a plan accordingly.

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10 Advantages of Using a New Jersey VOIP Phone System for Business from Technical Adventures

  1. Easier and cheaper to install, configure and manage: VoIP is easy to install, just by making one phone call. Our professional technicians will come to your New Jersey business to install your system and completely teach you and your employees how to use and manage your new business class VoIP phone solution. All this for much cheaper cost than traditional phone lines and per minute / long distance charges.
  2. Completely scalable and flexible: Traditional phone systems require intense management when trying to add a line, mailbox or extension. Not so with business VoIP with Technical Adventures. Adding a new extension is as easy as plugging in your new VoIP phone and adding the extension to the ring list for your primary business number. That’s it! No more time wasted waiting for a new line to activate, no more paying up to $100 for a telecom tech to program a new extension… no more hassles at all.
  3. Quality is as good as traditional telecom lines: Back in the early days of VoIP call quality was a common issue. But no more. Your professionally configured and installed business VoIP system through Technical Adventures has voice and video call quality that is as good as traditional landline systems, with none of the downsides!
  4. Higher productivity with follow-me features: Your employees’ productivity will skyrocket by eliminating the dreaded “phone tag”. By allowing an employees’ extension or even your primary business number to ring not only their IP phone(s) but also their cell phone and home phone, you and your employees can be found by your customers wherever you are. And with your New Jersey VoIP solutions and online management portal, YOU control when and where you receive those calls!
  5. Comprehensive calling features: Every feature that you know and love and some you will come to know and love is available on your business VoIP system through Technical Adventures. Voice recording, voice-to-text, video calling, call hold and hunt, conference calling, find me / follow me and never miss a call again with your professional grade auto-attendant! These are just some of the calling features you will wonder how you ever lived without.
  6. Virtual faxing: send AND receive: No more dedicated phone line, no more annoying ringing in the background and no more paper! With your Technical Adventures VoIP phone system, you can go paperless and hassle free with virtual faxing! Receive them in your online portal or your email, and now send faxes directly from your computer. No more printing out a document just to send it. No more paper or toner going to waste!
  7. Integrates with your existing business processes and systems: When your new VoIP phone system is installed, nothing changes except your phone bill! Technical Adventures will port over all the business critical phone numbers you use for your New Jersey business, and you don’t pay for any you don’t use! All those extra phone lines for employee extensions? Gone! Those direct dial numbers you were sold on but never use? Gone! The huge investment you thought it would take to change your phone system? Gone!
  8. Lower communication costs with more control across the board: A professional VoIP phone system from Technical Adventures avoids all of the expensive physical system changes, costs of installation and reconfiguring legacy phone systems require. But did you also know that with our VoIP phone solution, calls are significantly cheaper as well? We can save you money on all your calls, from local, long-distance and even international!
  9. Get phone numbers anywhere, not based on physical location: Studies show that people like calling a local number for certain business services rather than an 800 number. So you need both! Wherever you do business, with your Technical Adventures VoIP system, you can get both a local and 800 number that both ring the main auto-attendant or your office IP phones. Regardless of physical location of your advertising, you can get a local number to dramatically increase your sales! Try that with a traditional phone system!
  10. Centrally managed: Managing your Technical Adventures VoIP phone system is EASY. Do it yourself in your online portal or call us and we’ll do it for you. Manage your system from anywhere. Forward calls, change extensions, check voicemail, call logs, voice recordings and more. Training takes less than an hour and you will be a pro!

With all the advantages of a Technical Adventures New Jersey VoIP phone solution including lower costs, higher productivity and better features; you can’t afford NOT to call us us today at 908-240-4616 to get started!

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