Client Spotlight

Technology can get very, well, technical. Check out these success stories to understand how our clients are using technology to grow their businesses.

MarketReach, Inc

IT Support spotlight on MarketReach“I hate technology!” Amanda admitted, which I thought was cool because she probably hears from her customers a lot, “I hate cold calling.” Most people don’t like to do it and that is where her company can make a big impact.

I appreciate Amanda’s honesty and her approach that allows team members from MarketReach and Technical Adventures to work together to find the best solutions. Read more.

 The Little Gym of Montclair, NJ

IT Support spotlight on TLGAt The Little Gym they don’t use much paper. The franchise headquarters has developed an original and proprietary program, the Operations Management System, which provides the ability to track all of the day-to-day operations such as registrations, payments, and attendance. This tool can also output more than 20 critical reports that help Lori manage and grow her business.

As a franchise owner, Lori accesses this system via an online portal which houses essential information on all aspects of the business, including curriculum, training, marketing and business operations. Lori said “We are accessing the portal all the time. Without access to the system it would be a lot harder to operate.”

In the lobby, they have wireless access so parents can get online if needed, while their child is in class. The wireless password when I visited: SeriousFun. Read more.

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