Client Portal

Thanks for clicking in. We are updating our information and need your help. In order to improve our service desk we require the following information:

  1. The administrative contact(s) for your company, with updated contact information including phone number and email.
  2. The list of employees who are approved to request support from Technical Adventures including first and last names, phone number(s) and email.

The administrative contact is usually the owner of the business but can also include the office manager. This is the person we will contact with network updates, project approval requests and billing questions. The list of employees are the people who are approved to request support from Technical Adventures. If we get a request from someone not on this list, we will contact the administrative contact to update the list and approve the request before any work will be performed.

Please download the template below, enter contact info and email it to as soon as possible so we can complete this update and continue improving our offerings for you!

Download Contact Import Template